A major consideration for a surprising number of people when selecting a cabinet door style is how easy the cabinet door style is to clean. We’ve heard this question when talking to buyers in our showroom, seen the question pop up in our email inbox and have seen it asked on kitchen and bath industry forums. We’re dedicating this post to answering that question and providing you with information on the easiest cabinet door styles to clean.

The most difficult doors to clean are the ones exposed to the most oil in the kitchen, because oil traps dust on the surface of the door and if not cleaned regularly can become sticky and look dirty.

Some buyers opt for two different cabinet door styles or finishes in the kitchen, one on perimeter cabinets and another on the island. If this is the plan for your kitchen you may want to opt for an easy-to-clean design in the cooktop area and leave the more ornate design that is more prone to trapping oils and dust, in an area further away from any source of and cooking oils and steam.

Ornate applied molding cabinet doors, v-grooves on door panels, and detailed ogee and waterfall outside edge and inside edge and panel detail designs are most likely to trap dust. These multi-level edges provide multiple areas for dust to settle.  Square edges (shaker style cabinet doors) that are perpendicular to the floor also trap dust, but they are easy to clean with a quick swipe of a dust cloth.

An angled or bullnosed (rounded) outside edge, angled inside edge and flat panel are easiest to clean because there are less crevices to trap dirt and dust can’t settle easily on the vertical surfaces. TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company’s IE9 inside edge with it’s beveled edge paired with rounded OE6, OE15 or angled OE13 outside edge, along with a flat panel provide the easiest cabinet door style to clean.

For a mitered cabinet door style that is easy to clean, we recommend our MW9 frame with wide, 3-1/8″ stiles and rails with angled inside edges paired with a flat panel.

For the ultimate easy-to-clean cabinet door style, the modern, edgebanded slab door is unbeatable. Edgebanded slab veneer cabinet doors are considered 1-piece construction as opposed to traditional 5-piece frame and panel doors. The 1-piece veneered slab construction minimizes the surface area making dusting and cleaning these doors a breeze. Check out our article on how to clean cabinets and cabinet doors for cleaning tips.

IE9 Inside edge profile from TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company OE6 outside edge profile OE15 outside edge profile OE13 outside edge profile

FP3/8 MDF core flat panel FP1/4 MDF Core Flat Panel

MW8 mitered cabinet door frame 3-1/8" wide1.5mm edgeband profile

Cope and Stick Cabinet Door C101 Wide OE5-IE9-FP1/4 Alder Select

Cope and Stick Cabinet Door C101 OE13-IE9-FP1/4 Hard Maple Select

Cope and Stick Cabinet Door C101 OE6-IE1-RP5 Alder, Knotty and slab drawer front with OE6

Mitered Cabinet Door M101 MW8-FP1/4 in Hard Maple, Select Slab Drawer Front

1.5mm edgebanded door and drawer front- walnut veneer

1.5mm edgebanded door and drawer front- hickory veneer