flush inset dresser drawer fronts

TaylorCraft’s cope and stick cabinet doors are a custom cabinetmaker favorite for frameless, flush inset and full overlay jobs and their tight tolerances. Frameless cabinets have super small 1.5-2mm reveals between pairs of doors, and tolerances just as tight between doors and drawer fronts. There is no space for wiggle room. With frameless cabinets, inconsistency in size or square isn’t masked by a face frame or filler to hide gaps.

TaylorCraft uses some pretty amazing, cutting-edge CNC equipment to size and shape our cope and stick doors in one step. This means we can produce doors to 100% accurate size and square, every single time. This is how TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company’s doors provide the consistency cabinetmakers have to have for their frameless, full overlay and flush inset jobs. Check out our cutting edge CNC cabinet-door-making equipment in action.

The flush-inset dresser in the photo above was made using TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company’s cope and stick flat panel cabinet doors with OE5, IE1, FP3/8″ door profiles in paint grade material. There’s a lot of satisfaction and beauty in drawer fronts that fit so well!

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