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What are your concealed hinge bore specifications?2018-09-05T17:10:40-05:00

Boring for European Hinges

To order doors bored for hinges check “Bore L (left) or Bore R (right) on your order form, next to each door that you want bored. Specify left or right bore as viewed from the front of the door. For bottom hinge bore write “bore bottom” in notes section of order form. Standard bore pattern includes center cup and dowels. For cup only (no dowel holes) specify “cup only” in notes. Standard lead time applies.

Standard placement is shown below. Call for information on special hinge bore placement.
Bore hole is 3-3/4” on center from top of the top rail edge and bottom of the bottom rail edge to the center of the bore hole.
Hinge boring is not available with OEABD outside edge.

THIS BORE PATTERN DOES NOT WORK FOR ALL HINGE TYPES. Check your hinge manufacturer for their required bore setting. TaylorCraft sells Blum® Clip Top 120° European Hinges (71T5580) and hinge plates (175L6630) which work with our boring pattern shown above. Screws are not included.

TaylorCraft's European hinge bore pattern

Special Considerations:

  • Doors taller than 45” ordered bored for hinges will automatically receive 3 hinge bores unless otherwise requested.
  • Doors taller than 55” ordered bored for hinges will automatically receive 4 hinge bores unless otherwise requested.
  • Doors taller than 65” ordered bored for hinges will automatically receive 5 hinge bores unless otherwise requested.
  • Doors and drawer fronts ordered outside of size recommendations become the sole responsibility of the customer.
Do you sell cabinet door styles other than the ones shown online?2014-04-21T16:29:50-05:00

The cabinet door styles shown online are only a fraction of the design possibilities available from TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company.  You can mix and match our inside edge, outside edge, mitered frame profiles, applied moldings and panel profiles to create your own unique cabinet door designs.  We stock 18 wood material options and offer any readily available wood species upon request.

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company features a well-appointed specialty shop where we can match customers’ cabinet door profiles and create custom cabinet door designs to your specifications.    Call us and we’ll be happy to help with your custom cabinet door order.

Do you sell cabinet doors to homeowners or hobbyists?2014-04-21T15:51:01-05:00

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company is a wholesale supplier which means we sell our cabinet doors and provide pricing only to verified cabinetmaking and woodworking companies. If you are a homeowner or hobbyist, you are welcome to purchase our products through a cabinetmaking business in your area. Call us for the name of a cabinetmaker near you.

What hours are you open to take cabinet door orders?2014-04-21T15:51:07-05:00

Our Customer Success team is available to take your call from 8am to 5pm Central time, however you may fax or email your order any time. Orders received before 10 am Monday through Friday will be processed that day. Orders received after 10 am will be processed the following day. All orders must be approved before being placed into production.  Our fax number is 512-853-4077.

How do I set up an account with TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company2017-01-10T17:29:16-06:00

Simply call our Customer Success department or complete the Contact form found online and we will be happy to answer any questions and set up your account. To process a quote we need company name, contact name, phone number and shipping address. To place an order into production we need to have the payment method established and either a credit account opened or one-time or recurring payment authorized via credit card or ACH from a bank account. Customers may download a Credit Application or Payment Authorization from our website or request a copy from our Customer Success team. It can be emailed, mailed or faxed back to us.

Please note, TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company is a wholesale supplier and sells only to verified, cabinet industry trade professionals. We do not sell to the general public.

Do you offer prefinished or unfinished cabinet doors?2014-04-21T16:31:38-05:00

We do not offer prefinished cabinet doors at this time. Our unfinished cabinet doors will arrive to your shop in the white (raw) and ready for finishing, and depending on the material and humidity, after being given a light, touch up sanding.

How are your cabinet doors shipped?2016-05-04T16:41:24-05:00

Delivery method depends on order size and location. We use shipping companies with the best reputation in each geographical area and for most areas that carrier is Fed Ex). Please inspect the packaging for every job you receive and if there is ANY damage to the package, even minor damage, tears, water marks, etc., always note the damage in writing on the delivery receipt, even if you think the product is ok. Please use specific details noting location and exactly what the damage is. Specific notation helps expedite the claims process if there is ever an instance where product is damaged, and it will encourage shippers to handle products with the utmost care.

What should I do if my doors were damaged in transit?2017-01-10T17:29:28-06:00

While we use the most reputable carriers in each geographic area for our shipments, damage in shipment can occur. Please inspect the packaging for every job you receive and if there is ANY damage to the package, even minor damage, tears, water marks, etc., always note the damage in writing on the delivery receipt, even if you think the product is ok. Use specific details noting location and exactly what the damage is. Specific notation helps expedite the claims process if there is ever an instance where product is damaged, and it will encourage shippers to handle products with the utmost care.

Do you offer expedited lead time? I need a door in 2 days!2016-05-04T16:48:16-05:00

We do offer 1 day and 3 day expedited (rush) lead times for one to three pieces. For over 3 pieces we offer 3 day expedited lead times. Call for 512-352-6355 for more information on getting your order into the system as soon as possible and for special needs outside these parameters. Watch our ASAP Cabinet Door Service Video for more information.

How can I pay for my cabinet door order?2013-06-20T14:02:36-05:00

We accept company check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, check by fax, EFT or cash. If you set up a credit line with TaylorCraft, payment is due within 15 days of invoice unless other credit agreements have been approved . If you do not set up a credit account, payment must be received by TaylorCraft at time your order is placed into production.

When will my credit card be charged for my order?2013-06-20T14:01:52-05:00

If you are paying by credit card, your card will be charged when the order is placed into production.

Can I change a cabinet door order after I approve it for production?2013-06-20T14:12:21-05:00

Due to the custom nature of our cabinet doors and our very quick lead times, door orders go into production very shortly after the order is received. Therefore we will not be able to change an order once it has been placed into our system and approved for production.

I have very short drawer fronts on this order. What are my options?2016-05-04T16:53:36-05:00

If you have very short drawer fronts and want a look that is as close to the door profile as possible, you can reduce the rail size to 1-5/8” for our cope and stick and mitered doors to reduce overall drawer height or use a slab drawer front with similar outside edge.  The profile pages in our specification guide show mitered drawer front profiles next to the mitered door profiles on page 15, and recommendations for slab drawer front outside edges are provided.

Minimum drawer front heights:
6-1/2” with reduced rails and raised panel
5” with reduced rails and flat panel
4” with slab drawer front.

How thick are your cabinet doors? Do you offer different thicknesses?2013-06-20T13:59:33-05:00

Standard mitered door and cope and stick door thickness is 3/4”. We will make 1” thick doors upon request. Please call for pricing on 1″ thick cabinet doors.

Where in Texas is TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company located?2017-01-10T17:29:16-06:00

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company is located in the small but beautiful city of Taylor, Texas just outside Austin.  View more information on why it makes sense to be a central Texas cabinet door manufacturer.

If you’re thinking about stopping in for a visit you should know that some of the best barbecue in the state can be found just down the street in Taylor at Louis Mueller Barbecue.  Some of the best fried green tomato sandwiches and the best apple pie we’ve ever tried can be found at the Texan Cafe and Pie Shop and some of the best steak fajita tacos are served up at El Corral Lozano, so when you are in town, make time to stop for lunch!

Do you ship doors outside the United States?2013-06-20T13:55:49-05:00

Yes. We ship internationally. Call for pricing.

What are your size tolerances? Can I order exact sizing?2013-06-20T13:54:40-05:00

We manufacture to exact sizes. Because wood is a natural product that expands and contracts as the environment changes, at time of delivery we allow for +/- 1/16″ of the requested dimension.

How are your cabinet doors priced?2013-10-08T15:54:48-05:00

Our wholesale cabinet doors are priced per square foot to 1/16”. Total square footage is calculated by multiplying the door width x height and then dividing by 144.

At what height or width do you recommend splitting a door into two panels?2013-06-20T13:44:29-05:00

We recommend splitting a typical raised panel door into two panels divided by a center rail or stile at 48″ height and 24″ width to prevent warpage and twisting.

Will my cabinet doors arrive ready to stain?2013-10-08T14:15:03-05:00

Our in-the-white, or unfinished cabinet doors are finish sanded before shipping. You may need to give the doors a light touch up sand before staining depending on the amount of time and humidity exposure between shipment and staining.

Can I order a door larger than the stated maximum height or width?2013-06-20T13:41:19-05:00

Doors taller than 48” will automatically be split into two equal panels unless otherwise requested. The maximum recommended height and width can be exceeded however these products are not guaranteed against warping or twisting.  For maximum guaranteed height and width please see our door specification guide.

What is the minimum cabinet door order size?2013-06-20T13:39:23-05:00

Our minimum cabinet door / 5 piece drawer front order is 1.5 square feet. Minimum slab drawer front order is 1 square foot

Do you have tips to prevent a halo effect on the panel when finishing shaker cabinet doors?2013-06-20T13:38:22-05:00

Our IE2 inside edge profile is slanted slightly to reduce the halo effect that can happen when finishing doors with a 90-degree, square inside edge detail on the frame.

Which wood species does TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company offer?2017-01-10T17:29:28-06:00

We offer any readily available wood species from cherry, maple, alder and hickory to mahogany, bubinga, zebra wood and many more. The wood species shown in our catalog and price list and on our website are just small portion of the materials we use. We also offer solid FSC Certified material, MDF routed doors and contemporary veneer doors including environmentally responsible Echo Wood veneer. Materials shown in our price list are the materials available within our standard lead times. Call us for lead times and pricing on materials not listed.

View our wood Materials page for photos and descriptions of our standard material grades.

Do you offer dovetail drawer boxes?2013-06-20T13:34:36-05:00

We do not offer dovetail drawer boxes at this time. Our focus is making exceptional-quality, custom cabinet doors and drawer fronts. If you are ordering radius doors and drawer fronts, we do offer radius drawer box fronts as a specialty item. You can count on TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company for excellent cabinet doors and drawer fronts – it’s what we do, and we do it well!

Do you have any tips on working with cherry wood?2017-01-10T17:29:28-06:00
discolored cherry door

Cherry cabinet door discolored due to uneven exposure to sunlight

Cherry changes color as it ages and with exposure to light so extra care must be taken to set the right expectations on color and to make sure it does not darken unevenly due to uneven exposure to light. We do have a list of tips to avoid common mistakes that can be both costly and time consuming when working with cherry wood. View our Tips on Working with Cherry Wood below for details.

When working with cherry wood, be careful to store the components and lumber completely covered until ready to finish, and be careful even after finishing.

Cherry wood continues to darken over time and will darken unevenly if exposed unevenly to sunlight.

This is less pronounced when darker finishes are applied but still good to be careful.

Below is an example of a cherry door that had a drawer front laying across the door face. The partially covered door was exposed to sunlight for half a day and you can see the pronounced darkening of the exposed wood. This dark wood can’t easily be sanded off.

This same result occurs when labels are used on components, leaving a light spot when the label is removed. We recommend keeping cabinet doors packaged until ready to finish. TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Compay’s packaging is designed to protect the door from damage in transit as well as the elements, including humidity and sunlight.

When you are finishing cabinet doors, be careful not to let sweat from your forehead drop onto the door and be careful touching the door if your hands are very sweaty. Oil from your forehead or hands can show up as spots in the finished product.

Will you make cabinet doors out of material I provide?2013-06-20T12:49:59-05:00

We will inspect your material and make a determination at that point. Pricing will be quoted per job.

What specialty products do you offer?2017-01-10T17:29:28-06:00

We offer a wide variety of specialty wood products, all made onsite in Taylor, Texas in our specialty shop. Included are convex and concave radius doors, angled doors, arched-top mullion doors, appliance panels, wainscot, wood range hoods and more. These products are priced per order due to the high variability in design. Lead times on our specialty products are one of the quickest in the industry. Call our customer service department and we’ll get your specialty order quoted and placed. See our Radius Cabinet Door and Specialty Products guide.

Do you have examples of your work?2017-04-07T13:30:33-05:00

We have a full online gallery of cabinet door photos showcasing many of our available cabinet door designs, as well as kitchen photographs, bathroom photographs, office and study photographs and media cabinet and entertainment center photographs showing our custom cabinet doors installed. We also showcase contemporary cabinetry and contemporary cabinet door styles in our Contemporary gallery.

Do you have tips on storing and handling cabinet doors to prevent quality issues?2017-01-10T17:29:28-06:00

See our list of Cabinet Door Storage and Handling Tips to prevent warpage, spots and common cabinet door quality issues.

Does TaylorCraft offer mitered or applied molding cabinet doors?2017-01-10T17:29:28-06:00

We offer dozens of mitered cabinet door profiles and a number of applied moldings that can be added to the inside edge of the frame or the cabinet door face. Visit the mitered cabinet door or applied molding door sections of our website or view our mitered cabinet door profile and applied molding profile web pages.

Does TaylorCraft offer mullion or glass doors?2017-01-10T17:29:28-06:00

We do offer mullion or divided lite (also known as French lite) cabinet doors with a variety of mullion profile and configuration options. We also offer radius mullion doors. See our mullion door profiles on our mullion cabinet door page. We do not provide glass inserts for mullion doors or doors cut for glass.

Is TaylorCraft a Green company?2013-06-20T14:12:52-05:00

Protecting the environment is very important to TaylorCraft. In order to do our part in minimizing our environmental footprint, we have invested in state-of-the-art machinery that reduces wood waste and saves energy. We have engineered our packaging for minimal use of material while still providing our doors with maximum protection. Our packing cardboard is made using post-consumer recycled material and we encourage recycling our packaging materials after receipt of shipment. We offer sustainable wood species such as European Beech and Echo Wood and our wood scraps are recycled and reused by other companies. We are always looking for ways to reduce waste, reuse materials, recycle products and protect the environment and have and will continue to make changes to our processes to reflect these values.

What is book matched veneer?2018-02-21T16:11:09-06:00
Book matched hickory doors

Book matched and bank matched hickory cabinet doors

Book matched veneer is veneer that is sliced and then every other “leaf” of the veneer is turned over like the pages of a book facing each other. The grain figures always match at the joints creating a pleasing look of continuity and symmetry in a bank of cabinets or drawers. See a photo of book matched (side to side) and bank matched (top to bottom: drawer front grain is matched to doors below) veneer doors and drawer fronts on our veneer products page and in our kitchen cabinet photo gallery.

Read Woodworking Network’s article called “6 Things to Learn About Book Matched Veneer” for additional information.

How do I find out about the TaylorCraft Custom Spice Rub you give out to customers?2017-01-10T17:29:28-06:00
TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company Spice Rub

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company Spice Rub Label

Check TaylorCraft’s Custom Spice Rub web page to find out more.

Is your glossary of woodworking terms online?2017-01-10T17:29:28-06:00

Yes. you can find it on our Blog or click this Woodworking Terms link.