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Top Transitional Cabinet Door Styles

What is Transitional when it comes to cabinet style and design? Homeowners today are increasingly asking for clean lines and transitional style in their kitchen cabinets and other cabinets throughout the home. The appeal of transitional design lies in timelessness [...]

Frameless Vs Faceframe Cabinets

The rise in popularity of frameless cabinets, has created demand for 100% precision in cabinet door size and square. With small 1.5-2mm reveals between doors, and tolerances just as tight between doors and drawer fronts, there is no room for [...]

Cabinet Construction Options

There are several standard construction options for cabinets and it's important to understand the differences in appearance, strength and cost if you're purchasing new cabinets or remodeling.  Below we give you a brief overview of the most common cabinet construction [...]

Five Kitchen and Bath Trend Predictions

Five Kitchen and Bath Trend predictions In the coming years, living small will continue to be big news and consumers will want to use every inch of available space. Shows like Tiny House Nation and Treehouse Masters are huge hits, [...]

Which Cabinet Designs are Timeless?

Are kitchen cabinet trends cyclical and if so, how can you create cabinets with timeless appeal? The short answer is yes, there are definite cycles in cabinet trends, just like fashion.  However you can create spaces that won't look dated [...]