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Shaker Alternative Cabinet Door Profile

Shaker style cabinet doors are timeless and for decades they've made up a large percent of cabinet door styles sold. Some homeowners and cabinetmakers want to create the streamlined look of a shaker cabinet door but are looking for a [...]

Transitional Cabinet Door Styles

Transitional cabinet doors have been trending for the past couple years and, and are predicted to continue in popularity for some time, however there are some subtle style changes gaining momentum. We're seeing a rise in kitchens completed with a [...]

New cabinet door photos!

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company added new cope and stick, mitered and modern edgebanded veneer cabinet door photos to the Cabinet Door Styles page to give cabinetmakers and homeowners an idea of how our newest profiles look in-use on a variety [...]

Attention To Cabinet Door Detail

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company offers attention to detail "Beyond the Face of the Door" ™ TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company's attention to detail doesn't stop at the face of the door. It permeates every facet of our business, from our construction [...]