Customer Testimonial #1

“I like the price. I like the quality. I like the turnaround time. It’s a very good product, the best I’ve worked with. I don’t have cabinets waiting on doors anymore.”

Customer Testimonial #2

“When I used to build my doors, I built them a certain way. TaylorCraft matches that quality. Not only quality construction, but quality of material.”

Customer Testimonial #3

“I would definitely recommend TaylorCraft to another cabinet shop. Their quality is excellent. Their product offering is great. Their customer service is the best in the business.”

Customer Testimonial #4

“They run the door shop at TaylorCraft just like we run our shop. It’s almost like an extension of us. I drop a paper in the fax machine, get something back and as far as I’m concerned my guys are in another shop working. I get information back, they build my doors and ship them to my door and I keep on building.”

Customer Testimonial #5

“Whenever I talk to other people that are in the business I tell them that if you want to get to where you actually want to do some volume, get TaylorCraft to make your doors.  They can do it and they’re on time, every time…I highly recommend them.

Customer Testimonial #6

“There’s no sense in killing ourselves trying to put out doors when we can get something so well done from TaylorCraft.”

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TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company – Customer Reviews

Never have to wait. Very good response time. Customer service goes above and beyond our expectations! We’ve used other suppliers in the past and Taylor Craft is by far the easiest process we’ve used. Richard – San Angelo, Texas

Most friendly ever. Bob – Corpus Christi, Texas

Customer service is awesome! Al – San Antonio, Texas

Hailey and the rest of the customer service team do a great job for us. Rick – Round Rock, Texas

They are very professional, excellent customer service. Leah – Boynton Beach, Florida

Every one there works hard to insure I get the right product. Everyone is great. Rodney – Waco Texas

Taylor Craft has always got back to me within the same day I’ve made either an inquiry or requested a quote. We use TaylorCraft doors simply because it’s more cost effective than for us to make them ourselves. Seguin, Texas – Ross

It is amazing how quickly we get confirmation of our orders!! Dalena is AWESOME!!! Paul – Victoria, Texas

Ordering process is very easy. Very helpful. I have always had excellent service with no ordering problems. Jeff – Raleigh, North Carolina

I have never received a damaged door from Taylor Craft. This was a big reason we changed door suppliers. The previous company we used was averaging 1-3 doors that were unacceptable in every shipment. Then would take at least two weeks to send replacements. Michael – St. Louis, Missouri

Got everything installed today and the doors were exactly as ordered. All looks good. Customer is happy. Thanks.  Andy, Texas

Thank you very much for doing a great job on the last 3 door orders.  I just inventoried the last set and everything was pretty close to perfect! We have a bunch more work coming up and I’m going to make sure you guys get the doors.  I know in our business the only time you usually hear from a customer after you send out an order is usually negative reports, well I wanted to take a minute and say Good Job! Thanks again. Mike, Texas

The radius doors are awesome. We have used a few shops that do radius doors and the quality of these is phenomenal.  Rick, Texas

I just received my doors and drawer fronts. Once again y’all have done a superb job. Everything looks awesome. Thank you so much. It as been a blessing to find y’all.  David, Texas

I received the faux louver doors yesterday and I just happened to have a meeting with the homeowners and they loved them. They look great and I just wanted to let you know. Brett, Texas

I want to complement TaylorCraft on the outstanding customer service Marsha has provided to our company. I have had the opportunity to work with many sales reps during my career spanning over 30 years, and Marsha has without a doubt been the best I have ever had the opportunity of working with. Brenda, North Carolina

Thank you for all of your great service. We appreciate your attentiveness, efficiency of getting quotes and orders in, and the quality of doors we receive. We look forward to continue working with TaylorCraft. Tim and Donny, Alabama

I feel blessed to have found TaylorCraft. You are very easy to do business with. I love that you get our quotes back so quickly and I just can’t believe how timely you are about getting our doors to us! Kelly, Alabama

I will only refer another cabinetmaker to TaylorCraft if they are out of my area. I don’t want to give up my advantage! Greg, Louisiana

I really appreciate what TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company has done and continues to do for my company. You guys go far beyond what any other door supplier has done. Rodney, Texas

I am really impressed with TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company. Your people are very pleasant to do business with. It’s like they have known me for 15 years and I’m a new customer. Your service, product, quality and order processes are excellent. Brian, Texas

It is always a pleasure to call TaylorCraft. Whoever does the hiring does a great job because not only is everyone extra-ordinarily polite, but also very business savvy- its a pleasure doing business with you! – Paul, Texas

We continue to be impressed with every aspect of your company. It is so easy to do business with TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company. The service, quality and accuracy of your company is awesome. We have grown with the help of TaylorCraft and plan to continue growing our business relationship. Don and Tank, Texas

You make us feel like a valued customer! Brian, Florida

We used the same door company for over 12 yrs. Your sales rep. convinced me to give TaylorCraft a try. I am very pleased we did. She has been very helpful with getting all the information we needed in a very timely manner. Michael, Missouri

TaylorCraft’s customer service response time is why I like you guys. John, Texas

In my first order with you, I had 1 damaged door in my shipment. You could see that something hit it very hard to cause the damage, even though it looked to be packaged with utmost care. It was taken care of very promptly. Chris, Michigan

This was my first order and everything worked out perfectly on my finish and install. Marsha was a pleasure to work with. David, Ohio

Door frame sanding is excellent. Dole, Louisiana

I had a special order and it was handled very well. Frank, Texas

Great job guys….look forward to using you soon… Joe, Texas

The parts arrived earlier than expected and looked great. I am very impressed with the service, response, and quality of your products – please let your team know! Kevin, Michigan

Excellent beaded-panel, paint-grade doors. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Joe, Rhode Island

The last order went perfectly. All drawers fit smoothly and we couldn’t be more pleased. We are running up to a steaming summer and should be sending lots more stuff your way. Donna, Texas

The cherry mitered and radius cabinet doors look fantastic and you will definitely continue to receive my business. Roy, North Carolina

Thanks so much for all your help. You’ve been a lifesaver! You all have a customer for life. Wendy, Texas

I’m very pleased with your services and product. Your people are very professional and polite. Thank you very much. Santi, Florida

I have been wanting to contact you regarding my recent cherry door order. They are beautiful! I’m very happy with the quality and craftsmanship. Everything was perfect. The service was excellent as well. Mike, Oklahoma

Thanks so much for the quick, friendly service. Buster, Florida

I’m glad I started using you! Angelino, Texas

Craftsmanship, design styles and pricing are all excellent. Quick lead times. Dan, Louisiana

TaylorCraft has a good price and quality also. – Marque, Texas

I received the doors/drawer fronts yesterday. Your packing and shipping exceeded my expectations! I know too many times we only hear the complaints and problems and I wanted to offer my compliments to you guys/gals and your company. I am very impressed with how you do business. You make it very easy and we are pleased with the QA/QC. I will recommend you to my friends and colleagues and look forward to working with you in the future. – Bill, Texas

I couldn’t ask for better service. Thank you! Jonathan, Ohio

Super value: great pricing, quick lead time, good quality. Beverly, Massachusets

I have bought from a lot of different door suppliers over the years and I am really impressed with the product and service I’ve seen from TaylorCraft. Tim, Kansas

I recommend your company to other cabinetmakers regularly because of the good product quality. Our rep is also extremely knowledgeable. He is who I call when we need cabinet doors. – C.C. , Texas

Great product. Excellent Service. All areas. Jim

I like your service and quality. I’ve already referred 2 people. Great job! George

Service, product, pricing and oh, SERVICE are all excellent! anonymous

Excellent material and construction. Would like to do more work with you when the jobs pick back up. D

I would recommend your company. Good price and good quality. Rick

I was referred to you by ******** a relatively new customer but he has been well satisfied. Please go ahead and set me up as a new account. John, Pennsylvania

It has been a pleasure doing business with you! George, Indiana

You guys ROCK! Excellent service and product! Victoria, Texas

I couldn’t have asked for anything better – everything was perfect. Oh the steak rub was DELICIOUS! : ) – JT, South Carolina

I wanted to let you know the first round of doors arrived yesterday. They look great ! They are already in the finishing process and I expect to put them in place by Friday. Thanks for all your help on this rush project. You helped me look good by getting them made and shipped so quickly. – Kevin, Illinois

I can not find the service I have received at TaylorCraft, anywhere else. Robert

I have never received a bad door from you. The doors look terrific. I already recommended you to another cabinetmaker in the bay and I will continue to do so. Bill, Florida

Excellent service. anonymous

I would recommend TaylorCraft Cabinet Door company to anyone who wants a quality product at a competitive price. They always deliver on time whether I order 4 or 465 doors, and the quality always exceeds my expectation.The knowledgeable and friendly sales reps alone make it worth doing business with TaylorCraft. Jeff, Arkansas

Thank you very much for the great service. I received the doors and everything looks good. I will be ordering from you guys again. Chad, North Carolina