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Wooden Gifts

For woodworkers, it's nice to use our skills, materials and tools to make a thoughtful, handmade gift. For loved ones of woodworkers who know how much we appreciate the beauty and natural character of real wood, it might be fun [...]

Woodworking Terms Glossary

The following is a glossary of terms commonly used in the woodworking and cabinet making industries.  The list is not exhaustive and entire books could be, and probably have been, written on some of the terms.  We attempted to keep [...]

MDF Core vs Solid Wood Panel Cabinet Doors

There are numerous panel material options for flat panel cabinet doors (also known as recessed panel cabinet doors) and we get asked by customers and homeowners what we offer and what are the benefits of each.  Below is information on [...]

Cabinet Door Storage and Handling Tips

From time to time we have small remake orders due to preventable cabinet door handling issues. While we are happy to remake doors for customers and we will do everything we can to expedite these orders, usually in 1-2 days, [...]

Build or Buy Cabinet Doors

As a wholesale cabinet door company we are more than just a little biased on the subject of whether a cabinet maker should build cabinet doors in house or buy them from a company that specializes in making custom cabinet [...]

How to Finish Cabinet Doors

We are often asked for advice on finishing cabinet doors and for suggestions in overcoming finishing problems such as blotching and blushing. We also enter into discussions on shading, applying wiping stains, glazing, sanding and the characteristics of different wood [...]

Wrap Rage – Unwrapping Cabinet Doors

Ever heard the term "Wrap Rage?" This term was coined when came out with their certified "Frustration Free Packaging" initiative in response to customers' aggravation over how hard it is to open packages, too much packaging waste and desire [...]