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Order Doors using TaylorCraft’s Interactive PDF – No Printing Needed

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To order from TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company without printing, scanning or faxing anything, use our interactive PDF. First visit the Resources tab at and select Order Forms from the drop down menu. Order forms can be opened and printed from any PDF reader however for fill-in, and most importantly for Save functionality so you can email it, you need to download the form. To

Cabinet Styles On the Decline and Not Predicted To Make A Comeback

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Cabinet door styles that were staples just a decade ago have recently been on the decline so much that some have gone the way of the names Ethel and Waldo and disappeared from showrooms and websites completely. The cabinet door styles we predict won't return to popularity any time soon, include double arched doors (shown below), some single arched doors, (especially flat-top arch and bell

Shaker Alternative Cabinet Door Profile

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Due to popular demand, we've added a new inside edge profile, the IE9.  This profile is a clean, 30-degree back bevel. This new inside edge is available for order now and is a great variation with a little more depth and character than the standard square, IE5 or slightly beveled IE2 inside edge. All 4 doors below are shown with the IE9 inside edge.

What will replace painted white kitchen cabinets?

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For the last several years painted, white cabinets have been the top trend in the kitchen and bath industry. The all white room with white shaker style cabinets topped by Carrara marble counter tops , and white, subway tile back splash has reigned supreme, gracing covers and taking up center spreads of countless kitchen and bath design magazines. That trend is now starting to shift.

Wooden Gifts

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For woodworkers, it's nice to use our skills, materials and tools to make a thoughtful, handmade gift. For loved ones of woodworkers who know how much we appreciate the beauty and natural character of real wood, it might be fun or just challenging to find a unique gift for the woodworker in your life. To help both parties (and for our own inspiration), we put

Top Six in 2016

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The items below represent what you loved most in 2016, from blog posts and photos to videos and Pinterest boards. This was an incredible year of growth and success for TaylorCraft and we are so grateful for our dedicated employees, loyal customers and vendor-partners. We have some exciting things planned for 2017 and we look forward to sharing them with you in coming months.

Survey Sweepstakes Winner

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Thank you to the hundreds of cabinetmakers who completed our survey this month!  We appreciate your feedback, compliments, suggestions and your valuable time! We held a random drawing today of everyone who entered the sweepstakes associated with the survey. The winner of the $100 gift card and TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company swag (logo cooler mug, custom spice rub and hat) is Billy with Moore's Custom

Transitional Cabinet Door Styles

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Transitional cabinet doors have been trending for the past couple years and, and are predicted to continue in popularity for some time, however there are some subtle style changes gaining momentum. We're seeing a rise in kitchens completed with a natural finish, similar to furniture from the mid-century modern period. High-quality, natural materials like walnut, white oak, rift white oak and hickory with their beautiful

Best Material for Painted Cabinet Doors

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Painted cabinets and cabinet doors are timeless and beautiful, and based on the number of painted displays at the 2016 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, they are extremely popular across all price points. Which base material makes the best painted cabinet door is a source of much debate between cabinetmakers. Below we give pros and cons of the most common options so you can weigh

Shake Up Your Shaker

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Shaker style cabinet doors have been at the top of the kitchen cabinet trends list for what seems like decades and their timeless appeal makes them a low-risk design choice, however we're starting to see more requests for Shaker alternatives and we have some beautiful recommendations at the end of this article. First a little background Shaker style... Shaker furniture style came from the

TaylorCraft is Known For…

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We started out as a cabinet shop in 1971 and almost 10 years ago now we separated our local cabinet shop and transitioned to a stand-alone, national cabinet door company.  We've purchased doors from all the big (and some small) cabinet door companies, made our own cabinet doors, and sometimes did a little of both. We know what it's like to outsource such an important

Industry-Leading Dependable Lead Time

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Our lead times are consistently the quickest in the industry and combined with our quality guarantee and friendly service, are the reason so much of our business comes from referrals. We have averaged over 98% on-time or early shipments for nearly 2 years and continue to make improvements to processes and equipment to make us more efficient and help us create high-quality cabinet doors! TaylorCraft

TaylorCraft Drone Service

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On April Fools' Day TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company put out a video that showed TaylorCraft's Customer Success and Production teams as robots and our delivery system handled using football-play style shipment planning, delivered by seagull-dodging drones. We got customer feedback that it was nice to have a little levity on an April Fools' Day Friday, and we had fun with the prank. We had customers

Cabinet Door Style Guide

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There are thousands of cabinet door styles and options, and if you're undertaking a new kitchen design project or remodel you want to make informed choices you will be happy with for years and that portray your unique sense of style. Use our cabinet door style and construction guide to help make your selection, and as a starting point for dialogue with your cabinetmaker.

Cabinet Construction Options

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There are several standard construction options for cabinets and it's important to understand the differences in appearance, strength and cost if you're purchasing new cabinets or remodeling.  Below we give you a brief overview of the most common cabinet construction options.  We wish you the best on your project and welcome your questions. Cabinet Construction Options - Frameless (aka European) vs Faceframe Frameless, European-style