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Who is TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company?

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Customer Testimonial #1

“I like the price. I like the quality. I like the turnaround time. It’s a very good product, the best I’ve worked with.”

Customer Testimonial #2

“When I used to build my doors, I built them a certain way. TaylorCraft matches that quality. Not only quality construction, but quality of material.”

Customer Testimonial #3

“I would definitely recommend TaylorCraft to another cabinet shop. Their quality is excellent. Their product offering is great. Their customer service is the best in the business.”

Customer Testimonial #4

“They run the door shop at TaylorCraft just like we run our shop. It’s almost like an extension of us. I drop a paper in the fax machine, get something back and as far as I’m concerned my guys are in another shop working. I get information back, they build my doors and ship them to my door and I keep on building.”

Customer Testimonial #5

“If you want to get to where you can actually do some volume, get TaylorCraft to make your doors. They can do it and they’re on time every time. 5, 6 day turnaround and they’re here so I highly recommend them.”

Customer Testimonial #6

“There’s no sense in killing ourselves trying to put out doors when we can get something so well done from TaylorCraft.”