TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company modern edgebanded veneer cabinet doors

Want to know what sets our lumber apart from the competition and the difference between our select and natural material?

Here’s what makes TaylorCraft’s lumber the highest quality:

  • All our lumber is selected out from the highest grade available for purchase, our own proprietary top-level grade which is not only defect sorted and selected, but color sorted and selected as well, to meet the highest quality standards.
  • We buy Northern lumber for the best color and to reduced mineral and sap stain.
  • We buy alder from mills that source from areas less prone to wind shake from strong winds, for higher quality material and fewer defects.
  • We buy steamed walnut and cherry for better color consistency and uniformity.
  • Our lumber is produced using the latest kiln equipment, moisture monitoring and management and laser guided scanning, and is custom graded after drying and surfacing to minimize defects and maximize yield and value.
  • Our lumber supplier’s local warehouse is next to our facility so we can give immediate feedback on quality and receive immediate results.

What is the difference between our Natural grade and Select grade material?

Our Natural lumber grade is our standard grade which is best suited for medium-dark stains that cover variations in color and grain. Natural grades are clear of pronounced defects but possess inherent characteristics of the species in which only the extremes are removed. Color and grain will vary more and will not be as uniform in appearance as our Select grade.

Select is our premium grade and it is a top-tier, proprietary grade of lumber that is the highest quality.

For photos and full descriptions of our material options and grades visit taylorcraftdoor.com/materials