walnut cabinet doors by TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company Demand for walnut kitchen cabinets and walnut cabinet doors has steadily been on the rise the last few years. See the Google trend chart below that shows walnut surpassed alder in web searches over the past 5 years.

Matt Prall and Stephen Garland of Papilio Bespoke Kitchens predicted in a recent House Beautiful article, “With homeowners more mindful about use of materials, we’re likely to see an increase in the use of characterful veneers such as pippy elm & walnut for 2018. These materials add texture and intrigue to the kitchen and when working in a bespoke manner can be used for everything from statement wall veneers to unique cabinetry and shelving. The use of high quality wood to create statement rooms is going to be big.”

In a recent ProBuilder article, architect Craig McMahon, president of Craig McMahon Architects, in San Antonio, is noticing “client preference for stained darker woods such as teak and walnut.

With the look of walnut in high demand, prices are steadily increasing, pricing walnut out most stock cabinet lines and reserving it as a custom upgrade selection. According to the 2018 Indiana Forest Products Price Report and Trend Analysis, “Most all [walnut] grades and thicknesses are in strong demand and prices continue to rise. Most say the walnut market is just crazy and wonder when prices will begin to fall.”
TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company purchases proprietary grade walnut material so our customers receive the most desirable walnut color and grain for our Select Walnut cabinet doors. For specific information on the walnut grades offered by TaylorCraft, visit our Walnut materials page.