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100% Precise and Accurate Cabinet Doors

Every step of the custom cabinet door building process is an opportunity for precision, consistency and excellence, from the highest grade lumber materials to the most cutting-edge shape and sand technology on the market. TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company has invested in the most advanced CNC cabinet door making machinery to produce 100 percent accurate and precise size and square cope and stick cabinet doors.

Watch TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company’s cutting-edge cabinet door making equipment in action:

We’ve been making cabinet doors since 1971 but take a sneak peak into our cabinet door shop (video above) and you’ll see how continuous improvements in accuracy and precision have created an operation that would look futuristic a few decades ago.

At TaylorCraft our goal is continuous improvement and excellence in 100% of what we do.
– It’s why we continue to invest in technology, including the most innovative and advanced CNC equipment that shapes and sands cope and stick cabinet doors to exact size and squareness.
– It’s why we combine cutting-edge equipment with precisely engineered diamond tooling and sanding solutions to provide the highest quality results.
– It’s because we sell to the finest wood-craftsmen.

We look forward to serving you.
The TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company Team

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