TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company mitered doors

At TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company, we know the importance of reliable, on-time delivery dates and have made hitting our shipment schedule a top priority, second only to the quality of product we deliver. Our entire process is engineered around lead time and making sure your doors pass each inspection point, then getting your doors out to you when we say we will. To make this happen, your custom cabinet door job hits the shop floor literally minutes after you send us your approval.

TaylorCraft’s lead time is one of the fastest in the industry (5-7 days is standard) and when our standard lead time isn’t fast enough, we offer 1-3 day expedited lead time for non-specialty, small quantity orders.  If you want to wait longer to receive your doors, we can do that too.  We will fit the needs of your cabinet business.  Our custom cabinet door orders have shipped out on time or early OVER 95 percent of the time year to date! In addition, over the past 4 months we have averaged 22% EARLY shipments.

For reliable ship dates, place your custom cabinet door order with TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company today!

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