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Cope and stick door construction

October 2015

Cabinet Door Style Guide

Use TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company’s Cabinet Door Style Guide to help narrow down your cabinet door selection, choose a style that is a good fit for your personal taste and understand cabinet door construction options.

August 2015

Cabinetmaker Survey Results

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company Yeti Winner

Thank you to record number of cabinetmakers who completed our survey.  We’ve already made improvements to our order forms, website and packaging as a result of your great feedback and we continue to research and improve our products and service to exceed customer expectations.  The sweepstakes winner was Robert with Supreme Cabinets and More. We were excited to give him his Yeti and TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company swag and he was happy to receive it.   View more information on our cabinetmaker survey results.

“Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence, only constant improvement and change.” – Tom Peters


TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company Catalog Cover

June 2015

TaylorCraft Introduces New Color Catalog

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company redesigned their color cabinet door catalog to include 8 additional pages of cabinet door styles and stunning kitchen photos for design inspiration.  For more information view our cabinet door catalog page.


Hickory and knotty hickory cabinet doors by TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company

June 2015

Hickory Cabinet Doors are Hot!

Customer are viewing, pinning, sharing and saving our knotty hickory and hickory cabinet doors in droves!  The rustic, natural beauty of solid hickory wood is definitely appreciated and sought after.  To view more information on hickory vs. pecan and see hickory cabinet door photos, visit our hickory cabinet doors search page.


April 2015

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company modern edgebanded veneer cabinet doors

Modern Edgebanded Slab Veneer Cabinet Doors

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company offers a complete line of edgebanded cabinet doors with 1.5mm and 3mm edgeband options and 2mm Edgebanded environmentally responsible Echowood veneer.  We photographed some of our most popular veneer wood species for design inspiration.  Check out our new photo above and view additional examples of edgebanded doors on our Contemporary Veneer Cabinet Doors page.


March 2015

New Cabinet Door Designs and Photos Added to TaylorCraft Website

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company added new cope and stick, mitered and modern edgebanded veneer cabinet door photos to our Cabinet Door Styles pages to give cabinetmakers and homeowners an idea of how our newest profiles look in-use on a variety of cabinet door materials and profile combinations.  View our blog article, New Cabinet Door Photos, for more information on our latest additions.


January 2015

Kitchen and Bath Trend predictions for 2015

We start the year with trend predictions based on conversations with cabinetmakers throughout the United Statets as well as research from trade websites, publications and cabinet industry shows. Our blog article, Kitchen and Bath Trend Predictions for 2015, shares insight into space usage, tech storage, color and door style trends.

kitchen with black island and gray perimeter cabinets


December 2014

Cabinet Design Tip – Using 2 Cabinet Colors

We’re often asked by homeowners whether it makes good design sense to use different cabinet colors or designs in different rooms of the house. See our new blog article “Can my Kitchen Cabinets be Different From the Rest of my House?” for our professional answer to this frequently asked question and some beautiful example photos.

July 2014

New Cabinet Photo Gallery

Our customers have been busy this year and have completed some beautiful kitchens and bathrooms!  Fortunately many of these homes are close enough for us to go out and photograph, so we have updated our cabinet photo gallery with new kitchen, bathroom, study and laundry room photos.  If you haven’t browsed our cabinet photo gallery recently, be sure to take a fresh look at all the recent cabinet photos for design inspiration.

Here are a few of our favorites:

April 2014

TaylorCraft Videos Hit 100,000 Views on Youtube

Exciting milestone:  TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company hit 100,000 views on our Youtube page,!  If you haven’t watched our Yield Monster video, cabinetmaker shop videos or our company insight video, be sure to visit our youtube page and check them out today.

April 2014

What to Look for in a Modern Veneer Slab Cabinet Door

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company offers high-end, contemporary, slab veneer cabinet doors with three different wood edge thickness options:  1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm.  Our standard veneer material options include clear alder, European beech, cherry, hickory, mahogany, white maple, white oak and walnut.  We also offer environmentally responsible Echowood veneers and specialty materials by request.  Our edge banding equipment is top of the line and allows us to offer a superior slab veneer cabinet door.  For more information on what sets TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company’s veneer cabinet doors apart please read our blog article:  What to Look For in Modern Slab Veneer Cabinet Doors.

January 2014

Cabinet Showroom Tips

In a cabinet showroom with kitchen vignettes, the use of kitchen appliances such as wall ovens, ranges, cook tops and dishwashers creates a much more realistic and inviting look than a showroom without any appliances, but the cost of real appliances can be prohibitive.  To get the look we wanted without breaking the bank, we took photos of high-end kitchen appliances and had color prints made, at actual size, and had our sign company mount the prints onto black acrylic or PVC backers.  The end result was beautiful, realistic looking kitchen vignettes at a fraction of the cost due to our inexpensive kitchen props.  View photos of our finished showroom below.

36 inch cooktop prop by TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company 36 inch cooktop prop by TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company30 inch cooktop prop by TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company wall oven prop by TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company

August 2013


TaylorCraft Expands Cabinet Door Panel and Outside Edge Profile Selection

TaylorCraft gives customers the flexibility of building their own unique cabinet door styles by choosing a panel, inside edge and outside edge. We have two recent additions to our broad selection of profiles, RP21, a step-bead raised panel design and OE22 a relatively wide cove outside edge design. Visit our cabinet door profiles page online for our complete profile selection.

June 2013

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company’s Outstanding On-Time YTD Shipment Rate

TaylorCraft’s custom cabinet door orders have shipped out on time or early over 95 percent of the time year to date! In addition, over the past 120 days we have averaged 22% early shipments. We know the importance of reliable, on-time delivery dates and have made hitting our shipment schedule a top priority, second only to the quality of product we deliver. For dependable shipment dates, place your custom cabinet door order with TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company today!

April 2013

Woodworking Glossary Available on

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company added a woodworking glossary to our website to aid cabinetmakers in training new employees on terms used in the cabinetmaking industry. We would love your feedback, so if you have any suggestions, use our Contact form to let us know what you would add or change. You can find the glossary on our FAQ page and on our Blog.

March 2013

TaylorCraft Launches Customer Video Reviews

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company lauched a new section on our cabinetmaker Reviews page with customer video testimonials. The videos feature cabinetmakers, in their shops, talking about their experience outsourcing cabinet doors and how the decision to outsource has affected their business. Be sure to take a look at these great cabinet shops, wonderful customers and informative reviews.

February 2013

mullion cabinet door backs

Half-Lap Joint and Dovetail Keys Used On TaylorCraft Cope and Stick Mullion Doors

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company uses a half-lap joint at mullion intersections on our cope and stick cabinet doors. This gives the cabinet door added strength where the mullions meet, and shows an appreciation for detail and craftsmanship. We attach mullions to the door frame on 90 degree intersections using a dovetail key (also known as a butterfly spline) for strength and beauty.

January 2013

TaylorCraft Pinterest Page Highlights Top Cabinet Door Styles and Tips

Visit the TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company Pinterest Page for cabinet door trend information, wood species and cabinet paint color ideas, kitchen design tips, and southern food ideas.

January 2013


The market has been improving! In 2012 our custom cabinet door sales were up significantly, not only in Texas, but across the United States. We are excited about what this year holds and we love to see our customers take advantage of the increased opportunities brought about by outsourcing so they can grow with us. We want to help you improve yield, grow sales and build profit in 2013. Call us today to place your next cabinet door order.

December 2013

Christmas and New Years Day Holiday Schedule

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company will be closed from 11:30 am Friday, December 21 through Tuesday, December 25, as well as New Years Day, Tuesday, January 1 to give our employees time to celebrate the holidays with loved ones. Any orders received on these days will be processed when we return the following business day. For orders received on December 21, we will calculate our standard 5 day lead time starting the following business day, December 26. We hope you have a joyful and safe holiday season.

November 2012

Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 22-23 to give our employees time to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends. We are truly grateful for your business and we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

November 2012

TaylorCraft Announces the Winner of “Pick Your Favorite Door Style” Contest

TaylorCraft had a great response to our Pick Your Favorite Door Style contest. Ted Currier won our popular TaylorCraft swag including TaylorCraft engraved cutting board, Texas pecans, coffee and goodies, TaylorCraft Mossy Oak hat, Pro-Fishing Gear long-sleeve fishing/hunting shirt, TaylorCraft Custom Spice Rub and our fun, limited run TCDC t-shirt.  Congratulations Ted and thank you all for your feedback on our cabinet door styles.  We will have additional contests in the future so be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter pages often.

October 2012

TaylorCraft Rolls Out Revised Price List – Reduces Material Pricing

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company revised their price list and specification guide layout based on customer suggestions and reduced square-foot list price on one popular paint grade material. Download a copy of the specification guide or contact us for a copy of our price list.

September 2012

TaylorCraft Launches Web Page with Cabinet Door Trend Information

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company launched a new section on their website called Trending Cabinet Door Styles. The new section showcases cabinet door designs that are national best sellers and is designed to take some of the guesswork out of combining TaylorCraft’s selection of over 80 edge and panel profile options to create door styles with broad appeal. View the latest cabinet door trends.

August 2012

Cabinet Industry News Updates

Follow TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company on Twitter to get the latest industry news, product updates and design trends.

July 2012

The TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company Difference

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company takes extra steps to make cabinet doors that cabinet makers can count on for a quality look, fit and finish. Here are some of the things TaylorCraft does to set our cabinet door quality apart.

July 2012

Metric Conversion Chart

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company’s Metric Conversion Chart is available as as a downloadable pdf file from the Resources section of our website and as a magnet to place in your shop or office. Be sure to call us to get your magnet if you don’t have one yet.

June 2012

New Panel and Waterfall Outside Edge Options Available From TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company

TaylorCraft’s selection of profile options continues to grow. Added to the selections available for your custom cabinet doors, are the new OE21 outside edge and RP20 raised panel. These new profile additions are available immediately, with 5 day standard lead time.

May 2012

TaylorCraft Launches New 100% Yield Video

Watch TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company’s new 100% Yield video addressing fluctuating yield and profitability in the cabinet making business.

May 2012


Two New Cabinet Door Profiles are Now Available from TaylorCraft

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company added two new cabinet door profiles, the waterfall outside edge OE20 and the raised panel RP20 (shown below). Both profiles are available immediately and can be combined with our selection of over 80 other profiles to create your own unique cabinet door designs. Lead time is 5 days.

April 2012

TaylorCraft Blog is Launched

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company launched a new blog on our site, to give customers insight into the development of our brand and products and to provide a place for customers to give us feedback, so we are always moving forward in our vision to create solutions for cabinet makers’ needs. We would love to hear from you and welcome your comments, ideas and questions.

Horizontal grain combination frame cabinet doors

February 2012

TaylorCraft Introduces Warm-Contemporary Horizontal Grain Cabinet Doors

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company introduced Combination Frame cabinet doors with horizontal-grain panels. The horizontal grain panels are a departure from traditional vertical-grain door panels and when combined with straight-grained wood species, the look is warm-contemporary. Horizontal grain panels are 3/8″ thick, veneered-MDF core for stability, strength and a rattle-free end product.

Standard lead time on Combination Frame doors is five days and there are six different inside edge designs. Click to view photographs of TaylorCraft’s Combination Frame cabinet doors both with horizontal and vertical grain panels.

January 2012

TaylorCraft Provides Attention To Detail Beyond the Face of the Door TM

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company’s attention to detail doesn’t stop at the face of the door. It permeates every facet of our business, from our construction methods and the quality of every product part to our packaging materials, shipping partners and the service we provide to our customers. View more information including cabinet door photos showing how our attention to detail goes beyond the face of the door.

December 2011

New Cabinet Door Profiles Now Available

TaylorCraft added three new mitered cabinet door profiles, M15, MW15 and M15-D. These new mitered door designs have a square outside edge and a single bead on the inside edge. View our new mitered door profiles. We also added one new inside edge profile, the IE7 with a step, bullnose, step design. View our new cope and stick cabinet door inside edge profiles.

September 2011

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company Offers New Cabinet Door Display Ideas

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company describes two ways to display cabinet doors when wall or floor space is limited, including drawings and photos of the displays as well as a sample nesting pattern for the floor display. Click cabinet door display ideas for more information.

September 2011

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company’s Doors Featured on Bath Crashers TV Show

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Co’s radius doors are featured on an upcoming episode of Bath Crashers which airs Monday, Sept. 12th at 8pm central time/ 9pm eastern and pacific on the DIY network channel. Be sure to tune in! The end result of the bath makeover is spectacular! The episode title is “Elegant Escape.”


Pillow cabinet door styles

July 2011

Cabinet Doors with Soft Lines and “Pillow” Look

TaylorCraft offers cabinet doors with gradually sloped outside edge options and raised panels with a smooth pillowed look. The combination of these rounded, sloping profiles gives doors a soft, inviting look as opposed to the angular lines of some traditional and contemporary cabinet door styles.

June 2011

TaylorCraft Offers Mitered and Cope and Stick Cabinet Doors Pre-Bored for Hinges

TaylorCraft offers cabinet doors pre-bored for european hinges with a standard cup and peg pattern or cup only by request. Blum ® Clip Top 120° European Hinges (71T5580) and hinge plates (175L6630) are also available from TaylorCraft to give you the convenience of receiving doors and hinges in one shipment.

May 2011 Peg Cabinet Doors Available with Several Customization Options TaylorCraft offers cabinet doors with peg inserts in square, diamond and circle shapes and in single and double configurations – horizontal, vertical or diagonal pattern. Pegs are available in any available wood species on cope and stick doors and are 3/8″ in size. We recommend a contrasting wood species such as walnut or cherry with lighter wood cabinet doors. View our peg cabinet door photos for ideas.

April 2011

Custom Wood Valances – Easy to Use Order Form

Our custom wood valances are a popular add-on to cabinet door orders. To make ordering as easy as possible we created a custom wood valance order form with the options and dimensions needed to place your order. The valance order form can be downloaded from the Resources section of our website and is also included in our price list. We offer 2 to 4 panel custom wood valances in any readily available wood species.

March 2011

Two New Outside Edge Profiles

TaylorCraft added two new profiles to our Outside Edge Options. They are OE14, an outside edge similar to our OE8 except with a longer, more gradual slope, and OE15, a 1/4″ bullnose. View these profiles and the rest of our profile offering on our Cabinet Door Profiles page.

February 2011

Popular Material Design Trend – Knotty Alder

TaylorCraft’s knotty alder cabinet door material is a hot seller right now due to the appealing price point and warm, neutral reddish-brown color. Visit our cabinet door Materials page to learn more about our knotty alder material specifications and be sure to visit the TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company Facebook page to see photos of knotty alder cabinet doors and give us your feedback on this material’s popularity in your area.

January 2011

TaylorCraft is Now on Twitter and Facebook

Be sure to follow TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company on @TaylorCraftDoor or “like” us on Facebook by searching for TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company to stay abreast of the latest company and industry news.

January, 2011

TaylorCraft’s Doors are Made With Formaldehyde-free Glue

Many homeowners are seeking out products with low VOC materials to improve their indoor air quality. TaylorCraft’s cabinet doors are made with formaldehyde-free glue to help customers meet these needs. Our glue qualifies for possible LEED credits EQ4.1 and EQ4.4. We also offer environmentally responsible material options including NUAF MDF, Echo Wood veneers and certified hardwood.

December 2010

TaylorCraft Receives Praise for Exceptional Customer Service

We have seen a new trend lately and we are excited to share it with you. We have many customers who are referring TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company to their friends due to the service they have received. Our Sales, Shipping, Production and Customer Success Representatives have really taken to heart our commitment to partnering with customers and providing the best service possible.

We have started putting customer feedback on our website so others can view what customers are saying about our quality and service. Visit our TaylorCraft Reviews page to find out more. We are so happy and grateful to have many loyal customers and we will continue to do everything we can be a true business partner and not just another supplier. As always, we welcome your feedback!

November 2010

New Raised Panel Profile for Applied Molding Doors

A new panel profile, the RPAM2, for use with inside edge applied moldings is now available. It is an s-panel profile design with more detail than our existing cove-panel RPAM1. View the new RPAM2 panel profile in our Products/Door Profiles website section. We also have a photo of an applied molding cabinet door with the RPAM2 in our Applied Molding Cabinet Doors section.

October 2010

Reduced Reveal Panel Profile Options

Four new panel profile options with reduced reveals are now available from TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company. They are the RP12, RP13, RP14 and RP15. These reduced reveal panel profiles allow for smaller sized wood cabinet doors and 5-piece drawer fronts, while still leaving an aesthetically pleasing amount of flat space on the panel. View our new panel profiles.

September, 2010

New 1″ Cabinet Door Profile Options

TaylorCraft added several 1″ profile options to our standard knife selection including two inside edge options and 3 panel options. Lead time on standard 1″ thick doors is 10 days. View our new 1″ thick cabinet door designs.

August 2010

Expanded Material Descriptions and Photographs to Simplify Wood Species Selection

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company’s website includes expanded product descriptions and an additional enlarged photograph so you can easily see the difference in material grades and species. Visit our cabinet door Materials section online to view our stock materials. If you don’t see the wood species you are looking for, please call us. We are happy to source additional materials through our onsite lumber supplier.

June 2010

TaylorCraft Manufactures Cabinet Doors to Exact Sizing

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company manufactures cabinet doors to exact sizing to give customers the best fit possible. Because wood is a natural product that expands and contracts as the environment changes, at time of delivery please allow for +/- 1/16″ of the requested dimension.

May 2010

Radius and Arched-Top Mullion Cabinet Doors Available from TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Co.

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company expanded their mullion cabinet door offering to include custom radius and arched-top mullion doors. Their custom radius mullion doors are available convex or concave and are also available in certified and environmentally responsible wood species.

April 2010

TaylorCraft Introduces Four New Cabinet Door Panel Profiles

All four new panel options, RP9, RP10, RP11 and FP3/8″ REV panel profiles are shown on TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company’s door profiles page. These new styles range from sleek and contemporary to detailed and sophisticate and they give customers more ways than ever to create their own unique look. Call us today to request a sample door.

March 2010

New Outside Edge Profiles Now Available

TaylorCraft added three outside edge profile options, OE11, OE12 and OE13. Click the following link to view these profiles on our outside edge profiles page.

February 2010

TaylorCraft Adds Three New Rope Molding Door Profiles

TaylorCraft now offers three new mitered door profiles, notched for applied rope molding. Click the following link to view these profiles on our cabinet door profiles page.

November 2009

Radius Drawer Box Fronts available from TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company

TaylorCraft offers 5/8″ thick radius drawer box fronts blanks to compliment your radius drawer front order. Order your drawer box fronts at the same time as your radius doors and drawer fronts and they will be manufactured at the same time, for a perfect fit and a stress free radius cabinet job. Contact us for more information.

October 2009

Environmentally Responsible Cabinet Door Materials that qualify for LEED credits

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company offers cabinet doors in a wide variety of environmentally responsible material options including materials that qualify for LEED credits such as Echo Wood veneer and NAUF (no added urea formaldehyde) MDF. View more information on our environmentally responsible cabinet door materials.

August 2009

TaylorCraft Introduces 10 New Material Options

TaylorCraft introduced 10 new material options to their custom cabinet door product line bringing the total to 24 stock materials available within their 5 day lead time. The new options are shown on the wood materials section of their website along with the wood species description and photo.

August 2009

TaylorCraft Door ASAP Service Video

TaylorCraft launched their ASAP Service video, highlighting the company’s ability to make cabinet doors for customers in just 1 day lead time on small jobs and 3 days on larger jobs while still maintaining exceptional product quality and keeping other jobs on schedule. The video also covers the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and partnerships with customers to build long term relationships. An HD version of our video is available to view on youtube.


TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company Poster

July 2009

Free Showroom Poster showcases TaylorCraft’s Custom Cabinet Door Designs

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company just introduced a beautiful, full-color door style poster for use in customers shops and showrooms. The poster is a great selection tool for homeowners picking their cabinet door style and wood species, and for customers’ shop employees checking door details. For a free poster, contact your sales representative, our customer service department at 512-352-6355 or send your request using the Request Information form on the Contact page of our website.

June 2009

Partners “White Box” Website Launched

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company unveiled a white box website this month featuring their complete door style photo library for customer use. The website shows door style photos, profiles and door specifications and does not include the TaylorCraft logo. This site allows cabinetmakers who are TaylorCraft customers, to show a complete door selection on their website while saving money on door samples, photography and website design. Contact us for more information on this free service.

June 2009

New Mitered Door and Drawer Front Profile Now Available

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company introduced the MW10 and complimentary MW10-D mitered door and drawer front profiles. The MW10 is a 3-1/8″ frame with beaded detail and a soft, rounded slope on the outside edge. The MW10-D is a complimentary reduced frame for drawer fronts. Visit the mitered cabinet door profiles section of our Products page for a detailed profile drawing.

May 2009

14 New Profile Options Offered by TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company in Taylor, Texas

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company released 14 new cabinet door profile options for their custom cabinet door line, bringing their total cabinet door profile selection to nearly 70 choices. Included are six new panel profiles, one new outside edge, and seven new mitered profiles. These profile options are all shown on TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company’s website in the Product section under Profiles.

April 2009

New Kitchen and Bathroom Photos added to TaylorCraft Website to give new design ideas

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company’s website now features beautiful kitchen photos and exquisitely decorated bathroom photos to give homeowners and cabinetmakers designs ideas using TaylorCraft’s cabinet doors.

April 2009

New Cabinet Door Catalog Unveiled by TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company’s new, full-color product catalog featuring their most popular cabinet door designs is now available to the trade. The catalog showcases over 60 of TaylorCraft’s cabinet door styles from traditional cope and stick, mitered,  and contemporary veneer to specialty radius doors in a wide variety of materials. The catalog shows each cabinet door profile as well as a color photograph of each door style.

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company is located in Taylor, Texas, just outside Austin, and ships cabinet doors anywhere in the United States as well as internationally.