Project Description

Natural Hard Maple from TaylorCraft will be clear of pronounced defects but will possess inherent characteristics of the species in which only the extremes will be removed. It may contain some narrow staves, sapwood, heartwood and pin knots. Expect a wide range of color throughout the entire order. Natural grade is recommended when natural color and grain variations are desired or acceptable such as when used with medium to dark stained finishes, however even with a darker finish, some color variations from stave to stave may still be visible due to variations in material composition.  General characteristics of Hard Maple are: light blond in color with creamy white sapwood with a slight pinkish cast and heartwood that varies in color from tan to dark reddish brown. The wood has a fine uniform texture and is generally straight-grained, but may include birdseye, curly or fiddleback figure.
If you or your customers are not familiar with the species or our grading, we strongly recommend ordering a sample from TaylorCraft before placing your cabinet door order to prevent any misunderstanding.