Project Description

Natural Cherry from TaylorCraft will be clear of pronounced defects but will possess inherent characteristics of the species in which only the extremes will be removed. White sapwood may be visible on the face in small amounts. Color and grain, while monitored, will vary more and will not be as uniform in appearance as our Select grade. Natural grade is recommended when natural color and grain variations are desired or acceptable such as when used with medium to dark stained finishes. General characteristics of Cherry are: elegant hardwood, defined by soft grain patterns and rich tonality. Naturally occurring “marks” include pin knots, mineral streaks, and pitch pockets/gum spots. Sapwood can vary drastically in color but is generally white. It is important to note that Cherry will darken with age & exposure to light. Because of this aging process, differences will exist between aged and un-aged products. Product should be covered until finished or hung, or telltale lines will appear where the material is exposed to light.

If you or your customers are not familiar with the species or our grading, we strongly recommend ordering a sample from TaylorCraft to prevent any misunderstanding.