TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company features a well-appointed, on-site specialty shop where we can match profiles and create custom cabinet door designs to your specifications. Included are convex and concave radius doors, louver doors, angled doors, arched-top mullion doors, appliance panels, wainscot, arched wainscot, range hoods and more. These products are priced per order due to the variability in design.

TaylorCraft offers radius mitered, cope and stick and veneer doors and drawer fronts, as well as radius faceframes, beaded faceframes, drawer box fronts and mullion doors. To order a radius door, complete a radius order form with the standard door style information including door design, edge and panel details, quantity, width, height and drawer front information. Specify convex or concave, radius, chord length and rise. Minimum radius is 12.” Please do not send a template. Radius doors are available in select material grade only and are not available with arches or eyebrows.

Call our Customer Success team and we’ll be happy to get your specialty order quoted and help with placing the order.