Browse through our mitered raised panel cabinet door design ideas below to find a cabinet door style you like, or visit our Cabinet Door Profiles page and mix and match edge and panel profiles to create your own unique mitered raised panel cabinet door design. Our mitered cabinet door designs are created using a mitered frame profile and panel.  View our in-stock wood species on our Materials page or call us for information on non-stock wood species and other materials.

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company uses CNC blind mortise and tenon joints in which existing material is used to form the tenon. This construction method is beneficial because the tenon is made with the same piece of material as the frame. When the frame expands and contracts due to changes in the atmosphere, as with all natural wood products, the joint remains strong. Some tenons are made of different material than the frame which becomes a weaker joint over time due to contraction and expansion. For more information on cabinet door style and construction options view our Cabinet Door Style Guide