rustic scandinavian kitchen designSearches for Rustic Scandinavian Kitchen Design were up 170% over the past year according to Google! Drawing buyers to this style is a return to more natural elements to contrast our tech heavy, busy lifestyles surrounded by glossy modern devices.

Swedes and Norwegians are famous for their focus on balanced lifestyle and have a word for it called “logom” which means “just the right amount.” In this style, excess clutter and ornamentation are removed and simple and natural are the focus.

The following are the top 10 design elements of Rustic Scandinavian kitchens and cabinets:

No fuss, minimal design

Natural textures

Sustainable materials

Natural wood, natural stone, rugged leather and wrought iron

White walls

Warm wood tones including wood floors and natural wood furniture

White cabinets paired with natural wood cabinets

Light, neutral colors with small pops of bright color (blue and orange are popular) in accent pieces like vases, pillows, throw blankets, dishes

Minimal design detail

Rustic finishes like distressed paint, worn leather, rough-hewn wood beams, repurposed stone and brick